Third Party Governance

Automate and streamline oversight of vendor relationships. Get an accurate picture of third-party risk factors and prioritize them according to importance, thus, mitigating third-party risk and monitoring performance. 


Clarifies Third-party Relationships

Catalog and assess third-party relationships and understand associated risks. Learn third- and fourth-party dependencies to prevent surprises.

Facilitates Third-party Monitoring

Stay current with vendor status and monitor material changes to relationships. Ensure that no material risks exist.

Enables Consistent Management

Consistently evaluate risks posed by third-parties and apply controls, treatments and transfer techniques according to your organization’s risk tolerance.

Drives Accountability for Third-party Risk

Track the individuals responsible for vendor relationships, along with key contacts at third-party organizations, all in a single system.

A survey by the Ponemon Institute found that more than 41% of surveyed companies sustained a data breach caused by a third-party. And the consequent loss of brand value typically ranged from $184 million to more than $330 million.


RSA Archer Third-Party Governance provides several use cases to meet your specific business needs as you mature your third-party risk and performance management program.

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