Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management

Document the impact of new and changing regulations and establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance and data privacy program that brings efficiency to these activities.

Managing compliance in the age of digital transformation

Global regulators are responding to digital transformation by demanding that organizations demonstrate greater accountability for issues like security and privacy. RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management helps organizations address today’s complex regulatory environment by automating and coordinating compliance activities and providing compliance teams with granular capabilities designed for all of their corporate obligations, including the latest data privacy laws.


Take Control of Regulatory Requirements

Consolidate regulatory requirements into a consolidated repository and centralize news feeds from regulatory bodies into one searchable, standardized structure.

Address Compliance Consistently

Standardize your policy, compliance management and data processing activities involving PII across the organization, establishing a common taxonomy for developing measurable risk and compliance goals, processes and controls. This allows you to prioritize and manage corporate policies and regulatory compliance initiatives quickly.

Meet Regulatory & Compliance Obligations

By consolidating and centralizing your regulatory data with RSA Archer, you can quickly produce real-time reports and user-specific dashboards to view regulatory news by provider, type and impact and monitor the overall status of the organization’s regulatory compliance program.


With RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, you can obtain a clear view of the organization’s state of compliance, enabling you to prioritize activities that address the regulatory requirements having the greatest impact on the business.

It provides the framework to help organizations establish a scalable and flexible environment to manage corporate and regulatory policies and ensure alignment with compliance obligations. Organizations can effectively manage the entire policy development lifecycle process and gain the agility and flexibility to handle policy exceptions.

It provides the necessary tools and capabilities to document external regulatory obligations, enabling you to establish a systematic review and approval process for tracking changes to those obligations, understanding the business impact and prioritizing a response. 

It offers a framework and taxonomy to systematically document the control universe and assess and report on the performance of controls at the business hierarchy and business process level. You can apply clear, accurate control guidance in support of any compliance objective.

It extends the foundation established with RSA Archer Controls Assurance Program Management with an approach to defining and managing separate compliance projects simultaneously. This includes tools to assess and report on the performance of controls across all enterprise asset levels and the ability to automate control assessments and to monitor continuously.

It is designed to provide a framework to help organizations identify, manage and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities. RSA Archer Data Governance helps empower organizations to maintain an accurate inventory of processing activities, establish and apply documented controls around the usage of PII and manage data retention requirements.

It is designed to enable organizations to group processing activities for the purposes of performing data protection impact assessments and tracking regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities.

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