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10 Trends Defining Cybersecurity in the Year of Identity

In a time when businesses must operate without a protective perimeter, when the stakes for protecting private data and intellectual property have never been higher, and when users are growing increasingly impatient with cumbersome access, identity has become central to how organizations secure their resources and enable their users.

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OT Cyber Risk Video Recording

In this recording from the Q2 2002 webinar: Understand what’s happening right now in OT cyber threats to utilities & what you should be doing to mitigate the risks.

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How to stop Ransomware spreading via AD

Ransomware spreads via active directory and is more damaging than traditional computer malware since it not only infects devices but also encrypts data. Hackers are constantly evolving their methods, and that is why the total business impact of cybercrimes gets higher each year when considering lost business, time, wages, and files. Learn how to stop Ransomware spreading via AD:

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ComplyTec NetWitness Platform

You can’t protect what you can’t see, so comprehensive visibility across the entire IT infrastructure is a game changer.
NetWitness provides this. Take a look in this overview video.

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3 Heightened Cyber Risks in the New Normal

Every organization is facing security challenges in this crisis. IT Security teams must look at the changing threat landscape, assess the security risks, and find practical solutions to address their security gaps. This white paper delves into the current IT security climate and what you can do to adapt.

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