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NERC Compliance Solution for the Utilities Sector

The solution is built around an application designed to:

  • Identify, Assess and Monitor controls relevant to a companies NERC initiative
  • Allow for aggregation of data gathered in relation to those requirements.
  • Allows for a singular view into the overall compliance and risk posture of the organization
Assess Business Information to Add Context

Integration with components of RSA Archer’s Enterprise Management Solution.

Build a Business Asset Catalog to help add business specific information:

  • Employees
  • Facilities
  • Technology Infrastructure

Create important relationships of business assets to be related to NERC Requirements.

Identify and Delegate NERC Controls

Align Business assets to  applicable NERC controls:

  • Identify in-scope business assets
  • Create relationships between business assets and NERC requirements
  • Delegate responsibility
Activities to Validate NERC Compliance

Complete testing of a companies controls:

  • Provides the ability to complete self-assessments and ongoing operating tests
  • Identification and Escalation of issues as well as Remediation planning and monitoring
Analysis of Compliance Status

Aggregate compliance  evidence relevant to requirements:

  • Real-time view of compliance status
  • Provides custom dashboards relevant to intended audience
  • Leverage report intelligence to make informed decisions on compliance activities
Single Repository for Organizing Documentation

The NERC Solutions Document Repository will allow an organization to:

  • Keep a record of all documents stored either within the Archer solution, or external source
  • Use these records as references in all other activities within Archer to allow easy identification of how documents are used and leveraged by the various business processes within Archer

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