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NERC Compliance Solution Overview

Our NERC Compliance solution is highly configurable/customizable.
Our solution isn’t prescriptive, we fit into your processes and adapt easily to changing regulator requirements. You can build compliance processes and integrate with external systems without touching a single line of code.

Our NERC Compliance solution puts the information at your fingertips.
Our solution allows seamless integration of data systems without requiring additional software. You can automate the movement of data into and out of the Platform to support data analysis, process management, and reporting.

Built on RSA Archer, our software is more than a niche solution.
Our solution supports business-level management of enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC). We will grow with you as you seek to mature your programs beyond just compliance.

We provide a common foundation for managing policies, controls, risks, assessments and deficiencies across your utility

NERC Compliance Challenges

Today’s utilities are struggling with changes to the NERC regulatory landscape and the growing emphasis to self-govern and provide oversight to their NERC compliance obligations.

Common difficulties include:

  • Tracking changes to existing requirements
  • Identifying and mapping relevant NERC requirements to critical assets and facilities
  • Complexity in implementing controls
  • Logistics around control testing and tracking test results
  • Avoiding costly work duplication
  • Rolling up information to report the right data to the right people
  • Enforcing accountability and automating processes
  • Tracking all relevant evidence and documentation.
  • Adopting a risk-based approach



Is your utility experiencing these challenges?

ComplyTec can help

We’ve been in the risk and compliance business for over two decades helping utilities, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, public companies and governments, build end-to-end compliance solutions, so they can report more thoroughly across the organization, remove manual processes from the process of compliance, create better visibility for the organization and most importantly, reduce risk.

Recognizing a specific need in the utility sector for NERC compliance automation, we’ve built a solution to address the specific needs of these utilities.

We chose to build our solution on the RSA Archer platform. RSA is one of the Dell Technologies family of brands, and ensures our proprietary software is built on a robust, supportable platform that will continue to drive value for our customers by integrating with the out-of-the-box Archer GRC use cases should our customers choose to do so.

Typically appearing in four Gartner Magic Quadrants each year, Archer is deployed in over 55 countries and has already been chosen in many utilities, making it the ideal platform to leverage for our NERC compliance Solution.

Archer is able to expand to meet the full demands of any regulated organization to manage their entire Governance, Risk and Compliance program. ComplyTec’s NERC Compliance solution can be a point solution for NERC Compliance, or part of a broader overall enterprise GRC system, further driving ROI.

NERC Compliance Simplified!

Many utilities are still using manual methods like Excel and SharePoint to help track NERC compliance.

This is a short-term solution that can become a long-term problem. Utilities quickly find themselves in a sprawling universe of spreadsheets that are error-prone and unreliable. At the same time, the administrative effort can become overwhelming while redundant work is rampant due to overlap. There is no built-in accountability and no proper workflow. Reporting and dashboards, if available, are deficient.

ComplyTec’s NERC Compliance solution provides a holistic approach to NERC compliance. It provides a system of record for real-time compliance information sliced and diced the way you need to see it, whatever your role. It drives process through workflow, notifications, and escalation. All relevant information and documentation are tracked and accounted for.

Seeking to ramp up your company's NERC compliance?

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