Industrial-grade security for industrial operations and critical infrastructure

Reduce risk and secure operations in a rapidly converging IT/OT world

The days of air-gapped systems are gone. Industrial and critical infrastructure organizations are adopting IoT devices at an unprecedented rate.

As these environments converge and expand, your attack surface and attack vectors do, too. That means you likely have blind spots across your converged IT/OT infrastructure that can lead to unacceptable risk.

Detecting complex and evolving cyber threats requires advanced tools, knowledge and training. For example, OT environments contain more than OT. Up to half of the environment can also contain IT-based devices. Stopping attacks and preventing damage requires expertise and comprehensive security that can address both.


Eliminates blind spots and gives you a holistic view of your cyber exposure with both IT and OT domain expertise in a single solution. With Tenable.ot you can comprehensively identify potential risks and address security threats sooner.

Identifies anomalous network behaviour, enforces network security policies and tracks local changes on devices so your organization can detect and mitigate risky events in your Industrial Control System (ICS) environments.

Its automated asset discovery and visualization capabilities provide a comprehensive, up-to-date inventory of all assets, including workstations, servers, human machine interfaces (HMIs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and network devices.

Uses a Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) that generates a score and triaged list of relevant threats. Proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.

Provides a full history of device configuration changes over time, including granularity of specific ladder logic segments, diagnostic buffers, tag tables and more. This enables administrators to establish a backup snapshot with the “last known good state” for faster recovery and compliance with industry regulations.

Tenable.ot supports more than 90% of PLC products on the market today and has full integration with the Tenable product portfolio. To leverage your existing IT security investments, Tenable.ot also integrates with industry-leading enterprise IT security products. 


Complete Visibility

Converged OT infrastructures require protection beyond OT. In fact, 50% of your OT environment can be IT. Protect both with comprehensive network coverage and deep situational awareness of your IT and OT assets.

Prioritized Risk-Based Insights Into Vulnerabilities

Tenable.ot’s Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) identifies vulnerabilities and assigns a priority rating to each asset. With real-time information about your network and devices, you’ll always know your risk profile and be able to prioritize and comprehensively address new IT and OT threats as they emerge.

Unified OT and IT Security

For complete coverage of your modern attack surface, Tenable.ot with Nessus unifies your OT and IT security in an integrated solution that eliminates traditional blindspots.

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Canadian Electricity Association Conversation Series: Rethinking "Run Until Failure" In OT Environments

This series discusses three “must-do’s” in your OT environment to ensure that your systems within will remain reliable, secured, and fully maintained to address the security and operations tasks required both now and into the future!

Marty Edwards was the longest‐serving Director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS‐CERT). He is a globally recognized Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity expert who collaborates with industry, government and academia to raise awareness of the growing security risks impacting critical infrastructure and the need to take steps to mitigate them.

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